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Useful sites and resources

You can find more information about driving tests and related subjects by visiting appropriate siles listed below.

RSA website

Acquiring a learner permit is the first step to passing your driving test. In this section you´ll find out where to apply for a permit and what documents you´ll need to include with your application. You´ll also discover where to get hold of the Rules of the Road booklet and what the theory test involves.

Learner permit

Driving test information

Safe driving

EDT Course information

Essential Driver Training(EDT) is a training course teaching fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. EDT is mandatory to all learners who received their first driving permit on or after 4 April 2011.

An Introduction to EDT

The lessons

The logbook

your EDT

Rules of the road

The Rules of the Road are for all road users – drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists. The rules form the backbone of road safety in Ireland. You must know these rules well in order to pass your driver theory test and the driving test itself. Official 'Rules of the Road' information

National road authority

Our mission is to provide high quality transport infrastructure and services, delivering a better quality of life and supporting economic growth

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