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Driving lessons and EDT course prices in Dublin

Learning to drive with a quality driving instructor from an established driving school can not only result in you being a better and more confident driver, but can often result in needing fewer lessons.

Please call if you have any questions about any of the information below

Pre tests packages
Pre test
3 Pre tests
Car Hire and Pre test
5 Pre test
6 Pre tests
Pay as you go
Pretest Evaluation
1.5 hour lesson
1.5 hour lesson
Car Hire for Test and pre test
Car Hire for Test and pre test
1 hour pre test and car hire.
Block Bookings
5 EDT Lessons
6 EDT lessons
To help get you started on your EDT lessons
12 EDT Bookings
All lessons are prepaid and are done in two hour sessions.
No Insurance or No car, You can still Learn
This package is for the person who can´t get insurance or has no way of practicing.

You get your 12 EDT lessons PLUS 10 practice lessons.

You get a cert for a 20% discount on your First Insurance.

This package is an up front payment.

Or by two payments of €250. Doing six EDT and and Five practice lessons

€290 for 12 So you get 10 lessons for €210 €21 per lesson. You won´t beat it.

Take the stress free way to your full driving licence with Top Gear Driving Academy
Top Gear Driving Academy
 085 13 80805
Lesson times
10am - 9.30pm
10am - 9.30pm
10am - 9.30pm
10am - 9.30pm
10am - 9.30pm
10am - 5pm
Bank hols
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