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Driving lessons with Top Gear Driving Academy


• All students must be in possession of a signed/valid Learner permit Licence for Group B Cars on commencement of the training.

• Logbooks: There is a fee of €10.00 for a logbook. This fee is waived where a student takes all 12 EDT lessons with Top Gear Driving Academy. If the required Standard is not reached and deemed by the Driving instructor, He can refuse to sign the EDT logbook. And will then decide on weather the next lesson can be EDT or just a practice lesson. This is in accordance with the RSA guidelines.

• Lesson Times: These are between 9.30 and 21.30 Hours and in two-hour sessions. As students book their own lesson they are accepting full responsibility for bookings they make. There are hours that are extremely busy and can be booked out in advance, which may result in a student needing to go on a waiting list. But students that limit their booking time and require only certain times are limiting their learning.

• INSURANCE: All fees include student cover whilst driving the School vehicle, (provided the student is licensed to drive) and is accompanied by an instructor or on a Driving Test with an approved Examiner(s).

• Package Deals: Applicable to all our packages: There is no refund after 14 Day cooling off period or on commencement of first lesson period. There is an administration/cancellation charge of €90.00. This is included in the package. If a student cancels the package or remainder of a package, all lessons taken or not cancelled within the 48 hours will be deducted at our normal rate. The administration/cancellation fee will also be deducted. And appropriate refund will be given. All packages are given a 12-month validation period. This means all lessons should be completed in a 12-month period. We will allow a grace period if there are not many lessons outstanding and are continued within three-month period. Any time elapsed without contact to the school will not be entertained. A 12-month period of inactivity will result in a loss of remainder of the lessons. Any Special offers outside normal package prices are non-refundable.

• CANCELLATIONS: The School requires a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if students wish to cancel a scheduled two hour lesson. A minimum of 14 days’ notice is required if students wish to cancel an intensive or semi-intensive driving course. the School reserves the right to charge the full lesson/course fee if the above periods of notice are not given and if the cancellation results in loss of earnings. (Excluding illness and/or other mitigating circumstances).

• PAYMENTS: We accept payment by, debit card and Bank transfer. Advance payment lessons are accepted on the understanding that no refunds will be given. Intensive driving courses are subject to a minimum booking deposit. On payment the student has accepted our terms and conditions.

• APPOINTMENTS: Students are required to book their own lessons via our online booking systems, and will receive log in details. While every care will be taken to ensure Students receive training at the requested time, all bookings are made on the understanding that the school is not responsible for the postponement of training due to exceptional traffic conditions, adverse weather, mechanical breakdown of equipment or any other cause outside of our control. If, in the view of the Instructor, the student is unfit to carry out the lesson safely; due to self-induced circumstances (e.g. Alcohol, Drugs or lack of sleep) a cancellation charge will apply.

• COURSEWORK PAPERS ETC: All question papers, handouts, books, C.D. ROMs and relevant materials remain the property of the School. (If not returned on request a fee will be charged). Driving courses/lessons may involve working breaks away from the tuition vehicle, (to discuss progress, examine lesson plans etc).

• THE DRIVING TEST: The school reserves the right to withhold the training vehicle if, in the Instructors opinion; the student has not reached the required standard. The student will be expected to pass at least one mock test before being allowed to use the school car for their practical test. The school cannot be held responsible for test appointments being postponed or cancelled by the RSA. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any failure of light bulbs, etc. before or during the RSA test. All bulbs/lights, etc. will be checked with the candidate at the test center prior to the RSA test.

• PERSONAL PROPERTY: The School accepts no liability for personal property that is left in any training vehicle.

• MOBILE PHONES: All students should ensure that mobile phones are switched off prior to entering the tuition vehicle, for safety reasons.

• While we will endeavor to commence your lesson at time booked, sometimes (due to circumstances beyond our control –i.e. Traffic delays, accidents, other late students, late tests etc) we may arrive slightly later (10 mins) than scheduled. However, this will not reduce your lesson time. We will contact you and keep you informed if this happens. • All students must be in possession of a signed/valid Learner permit Licence for Group B Cars on commencement of the training.

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